Challenges faced by pump manufacturers

In the extremely competitive pump industry, manufacturers are facing ever-increasing pressure to fine-tune business processes to improve profit margins.

Challenges facing pump manufacturers’ sales teams include application engineering support, high turnaround times, propensity for errors, etc. For a manufacturer to remain competitive, the sales cycle must be streamlined to improve efficiency and productivity of all its stakeholders.

Keeping up with changing business conditions is the key to success in this marketplace. Pump manufacturers must leverage technology to streamline traditional business processes in order to reduce costs, improve accuracy, improve customer and distributor satisfaction, and increase profit margins. Progressive-thinking companies that see change as an opportunity to differentiate themselves, have adopted configuration software technology to deliver better tools & support to their sales teams as well as business partners.

We have the answer to such challenges. For close to one & half decades, Configurator Solutions has been providing functionality-rich, end-to-end, custom-built software applications to the flow industry.

Whether your company's goals are to streamline the pump sales process or reduce brochure printing & distribution costs, software solutions from Configurator Solutions is the answer.

Our clients count on our software solutions for fast & accurate product configuration & pricing. Detailed datasheets, GA drawings & proposal documents can be quickly put together, providing customers with instant, detailed & thorough proposals. The software helps users select the most suitable pump, configure related accessories & components, perform price calculations & generate accurate & content-rich proposal packages.


Product Data Management


As part of an overall sales solution, the software provides rich Business Intelligence / Analytics on your sales operations.

Analytics offer insights that improve your ability to understand and predict market shifts.

The software knows how to present data in a way you can use. It helps management collate &analyse crucial sales information into actionable business knowledge.

A digital dashboard enables users to make informed business decisions. Quickly drill down to identify trends, measure efficiencies, and work out strategies. Highlight every aspect of your sales funnel.


Actionable Business Intelligence

  • Detailed insight into sales funnel
  • Insight into wining probabilities for different sales people, market s & products
  • Help improve forecasting, supply chain & inventory planning
  • Reports generated
    - Quote won –lost analysis, History Analysis, History Analysis ins. - Industry Segment Analysis, Probability Forecast - Inquiry Assignment - Rep Activity Report


Since our solutions form part of a larger IT infrastructure, we routinely work with clients to integrate our solutions with their ERP systems / enterprise applications.

Integration of sales applications with enterprise systems helps multiply the advantage by protecting existing investments in technology, reducing manual intervention and enabling smooth flow of information across the enterprise. Post sales, ETO manufacturers need to be able to execute on final design and production. Their entire process from quote-to-order-to-production needs to be integrated so they can manufacture on schedule and within budget.

Our software is architected to be flexible and provide integration with boxed products as well as custom applications - CAD, MRP/ERP, CRM & other enterprise applications which enables it to assure rapid returns on investment (ROI).




Product Data Management

Our engineered products data management tool & rules engine makes complex product & selection rule definition simple.

Our proven methodology coupled with experienced domain experts & project managers helps document your products’ application engineering rules to create a strong foundation of a well-structured knowledge base.

Product data & rules are detached from the configurator and maintained separately with controlled publishing. The rule-building process is GUI-driven, and no programming skill is required. Rules are build in an intuitive manner. Product information is defined in a scalable and easily-maintainable manner. Its easy to add new products, brands, models…


precisePump has been developed with the objective of providing an effective guided sales solution for engineered products companies. And Configurator Solutions is committed to ensuring quick returns for you on this strategic investment. Which is why implementation, training & support form an integral part of our solution.The implementation process is multi-stage. Our consulting team works with senior executives from your organization to develop an implementation blueprint. We carry out an extensive study of your product lines and their features, the selection & configuration rules as well as your sales process. We also keep in mind the key objectives behind your decision to implement precisePump.  A proactive support mechanism ensures that the benefits sustain over time. Support is an ongoing process during which we address any problems that might be faced by users. For example, application defects / usage issues, defect fixing, change requests, support for new product lines, changes to product selection rules, difficulties faced during installation or issues with project files.





Features that enhance the capabilities of the solution

  • Customer-specific branding
  • Role based access rights - dealers, internal users, customers
  • Separate price-books / discount structures for different regions
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Multi-currency

Supporting features

  • Visual Indicators for line item status & configuration validity, factory review
  • Share project / quote files with other users
  • Unique quote & line item identifier
  • Quote submissions to factory

Sales Configurators for Centrifugal Pump Sizing, Selection & Quotation (CPQ)

Industry standard calculations
Guided Selection & Configuration


Today's pump marketplace is highly competitive, with manufacturers facing intense pressure to streamline & improve business processes. Technology-driven manufacturers are hence adopting software applications to optimize their product sizing, selection & quotation processes, to increase accuracy & productivity of their sales teams.


precisePump is a guided sales software for the pump sizing, selection & quotation or pump CPQ process. Its intended users are sales teams, application engineers, representatives or distributors, and end-customers. It helps automate & streamline the sales cycle and helps your organization and business partners make better decisions. It is not a CRM application, but software that enables pump sales teams to quote easily, quickly & precisely.


It is custom-developed to fit your business needs and sales process. The solution has been architected for the Windows, Web & mobile platforms. Ease of use, scalability, a consistent look & feel across platforms & integration with enterprise applications are its technology highpoints.


Industry standard calculations

Various calculations are performed by the software during the pump selection & configuration process. These include:

  • Viscosity & Consistency Correction Factors
  • Stock correction factors
  • System Head & NPSHR
  • VFD Correction Factor
  • Shut-off Head
  • Impeller Diameter
  • Efficiency
  • Multi Speed calculation
  • RPM
  • BKW

Other calculations

  • Pipe line calculation
  • Friction loss calculation
  • Calculation of operating and life cycle costs
  • Calculation of energy efficiency index (EEI) & the Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI)

Design Point Calculator

Users can calculate the total head for the system at the required flow rate. The software inputs the suction and discharge piping parameters including tank conditions, pipe length, pipe material and sizes valves & fittings. Using the desired flow rate, it calculates the total head for the system.

Guided Selection & Configuration

Complete selection & configuration of pump system is performed according to specified operating conditions. Pump selection is based on parameters such as:

  • Industry & application 
  • Fluid - type, viscosity, vapor pressure, Ph value, density, presence of solids, stock consistency, Specific Gravity of liquid 
  • Flow rate, Head 
  • Suction pressure 
  • Temperature 
  • NPSHA 

Selection methods followed include:

  • Hydraulic selection by duty point
  • Product selection browser by series description
  • Product search by description or item number

Comparing alternative configurations enables the user to evaluate multiple options in order to arrive at the most suitable configuration as per priority of performance or cost. Ranking of suitable options is done based on efficiency, speed, Best Efficiency Point, BKW, minimum capacity, impeller diameter & price.


The following validations are carried out during selection:

  • Application & industry
  • Fluid type
  • Capacity & Head
  • Suction pressure v/s vapor pressure
  • % of solid particles
  • Viscosity limit
  • Operating limits for pressure, temperature,

Hydraulic Selection:

  • Dimensioning & configuration of pumps based on operating conditions such as application area, flow rate & head, medium, dimensioning
  • Dimensioning with multiple duty points; for different fluids


Pump configuration is carried out in several steps. The software checks if the selected pump meets all the required parameters. All available configuration options are displayed during selection.

Each component of a pumping system such as hydraulics, shaft seal, prime mover, coupling or base frame are selected by combination of technical attributes.

Alternative Options

Choose the best fit for purpose valve from a set of valid configurations, against key performance parameters

  • Compare alternative options against parameters such as:
    - Performance attributes – BEP, impeller, RPM, etc. -OR Price
  • Compare options - Graphically, through efficiency curve OR as configuration data
  • Select best-fit option against the most critical parameter/s


Selection of prime mover

  • Make & model which meets required speed, BKW & frequency
  • Selection of VFD based on Duty Points or speed

Selection of accessories is done either as per a selected configuration or via name or item number. It is possible to define parts necessary for the dimensioning of the pump or additional elements like colour or warranty extensions as an accessory. Accessories can be classified in the database program or combined to groups. Accessory classification is done according to selection steps (e.g. mechanical or electronic accessory).

Selection of accessories

  • Counter flanges
  • Pressure gauge
  • Temperature gauge
  • Pressure switch
  • Instrument mounting
  • Strainer type
  • ARC valve
  • Balancing Leak Off Line

Selection of spare parts

Search & selection of spare parts, which can be used independently of the product or depending on the selected pump aggregate, is possible. Selection of the respective spare parts is done via the spare parts list / drawing. Definition of different prices for different markets is also possible.



Pump pricing is performed according to the selected configuration including all components and accessories, as total price or on the basis of single components. Product configuration is linked to the price table and if necessary item number. Integration with other applications, such as ERP systems, is possible.

Your pricing policy is enforced to ensure consistent & competitive quotes. A recommended spares list can also be generated for commissioning & operations. Management of prices for different markets and support for different currencies are also offered.


Some key points

  • Detailed price break-up
  • Dynamic product codes link configuration with price table & item numbers
  • Facility to select commissioning & recommended spare parts
  • Commercial & loading factors for manufactured & bought-out parts
  • Back calculation of discount
  • Price calculated as total or based on the price of each component
  • Dynamic product codes link configuration with price table & item numbers
  • Facility to select commissioning or multiyear spare parts with list price
  • Commercial & Loading factors for manufacturing and bought out parts
  • Bac calculation of discount for a given selling price


A comprehensive, content-rich proposal package can be generated aligned with the organization's business needs. The contents include:Covering Letter

  • Comprehensive datasheets - detailed datasheets can be generated and provided.
  • Optional display of delivery times as well as product availability
  • Quotations - brief / detailed
  • Spare parts list
  • QA / QC Plan
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Lubrication chart
  • Price sheets
  • Various drawings can be generated as per project need, such as -
    - General Arrangement Drawing - Production Drawing - Dimensional Drawing - Casing Drain Drawing - Plans - Flushing, Quenching, Cooling - Coupling Drawing - Auxiliary Connections Drawing - Cross Sectional Drawing - Adapter/Reducer drawing

Performance curves such as viscous performance curve, consistency performance curve, VFD (Variable frequency drive) curve, VFD + viscous performance curve, etc. available as per user selection along with duty points.

  • Quote submission management
  • File upload status
  • All quote status
  • Web interface to update status & other information
  • Dashboards – reports


Benefits through the sales cycle

Our guided sales configurator software (CPQ software) for pump sizing, selection & quotation simplifies & speeds up your sales process . It leads your sales teams to optimal pump configurations based on customer requirements.

The process of performing engineering calculations, evaluating suitable product alternatives & finally generating the necessary commercial documentation is fully automated. This reduces errors & boosts sales productivity. Risk of missed opportunities caused due to insufficient time to respond is reduced. Accuracy of quotes is enhanced. Knowledge about product configuration is captured in the form of rules assisting the retention of crucial product & process knowledge, mitigating the risk of knowledge drain.

We enable you to deliver product & pricing knowledge directly to your sales force, ensuring that you meet your customers' needs for complex engineer-to-order products. Application engineering knowledge is captured in the form of engineering calculations and selection & configuration rules. And the application engineering team is able to focus on more critical cases / complex configurations.

  • Increased sales & engineering productivity - Realize gains of up to 40% by creating more accurate and comprehensive proposal packages, in far less time - Faster quotes, reduced turnarounds, increased time with new prospects for Sales Teams - Application engineering freed up to focus on complex cases - Shorter proposal lead-times - Higher revenues through better sales hit rate
  • Accurate quotations - Even a minor error contributes to cost overruns &loss of business goodwill. With our solutions, errors inquotations are a thing of the past.
  • Higher customer satisfaction - Guided buying simplifies complex product selection - Provides customers better insight into their own requirements - Offers them clearer understanding of your product lines - Only valid features and options presented, no possibility of errors during product selection & configuration
  • Reduced operational costs - Reduced cost of rework (caused by inaccurate configurations & quotes) - Reduced cost of sales, reduced need for technical support for configurations & quotations - Reduced costs of printing & distributing printed catalogs& price books
  • Standardized processes - Standardize sales & distributor operations through a uniform system
  • Streamlined production & procurement - Link front- and back-end systems to maximize efficiency and effectiveness - Technically buildable configurations translate into smoother & on-time manufacturing
  • Sharper business intelligence - Better insights into individual &group sales performance, better coordination with distributors, more accurate planning through more - precise revenue forecasts
  • Distinctive branding, competitive differentiation - Brand the organization as having structured processes & engineering tools - Make your organization easier to work with - Differentiate your company from the competition
  • Knowledge Management - Critical product knowledge retained within the organization, saves training cost & time

Benefits Calculator

Our industry-focused tool helps you visualize how our software benefits your business across its various functions.

The Benefits Calculator helps you quantify the positive impact of our software on your business. For the calculations, please provide some key sales data. This exercise will take only a few minutes. Your data will not be retained by us.

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